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2008 SF. Top View

Skopelos Flat

Located in the Old Town of Skopelos, “Skopelos flat” is a small apartment (45m2) with garden. Its small size, the traditional architecture and the direct communication between the living space and the garden, describe a characteristic island house.

The main purpose of the reconstruction was to maintain and highlight the traditional architecture of Skopelos and offer a comfortable stay for the users. It consists of an open plan space, with living room and kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.

First of all, the existing stone walls were conserved, cleaned and framed by plaster both indoors and outdoors.  The window frames and the wooden shutters were new made and dyed with the characteristic blue color, as well as the entrance door.

The material of the new kitchen, the interior doors and the bedroom furnishing is marine plywood in natural color.

In addition, the existing cement tiles at the garden were preserved and some new of the same traditional style were used for the living room. Finally, gray mosaic tiles were placed at the bathroom.

Date: July 2019
Category: Residential




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