Skopelos studies

Skopelos is a greek island in the Aegean sea, with a unique architectural heritage, influenced by both the island and the mainland architecture styles. Walking down the Old Town of Skopelos, we admire typical samples of vernacular architecture and with some neoclassical futures.

Most of the preserved buildings are three-storey, designed in square plan, with garden at the main entrance. It is interesting to notice the roofs, made out of flat stone tiles, and the heavy walls made out of local stone, that are coated in a rough style. The wooden balcony is one characteristic element of traditional architecture, as a result of the great ship craftsmen of the island.

The external door consists a beautiful detail in every house, it indicates the financial and social situation of their first owners. Some of them have very special details, such as carved patterns, glass openings, and metal decorations, depending on the aesthetics of the owner.

Regarding the neoclassical buildings of Skopelos, they used to belong to well-to-do people, merchants or captains and they were built after 1830. They are bigger in size, they use marble for their balconies instead of wood and they have decoration around the window frames and symmetrical facades.


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